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The Yash Academy, Best MPSC & UPSC classes in Nagpur

Since 2014, The Yash Academy, Nagpur has been at the forefront for providing quality coaching for CIVIL & STATE Services Examinations conducted by The UPSC and the MPSC. Since its inception, our goal has been to provide the most comprehensive and fluid learning experience so as to inculcate the requisite attitude in the ASPIRANTS. We, at the Yash Academy, always strive to provide very precise and accurate knowledge to the Aspirants which not only helps them to crack the Examinations in the very first go itself but also helps them in terms of concept building.

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  • Why should I Register and become a member of Yash Academy?

    1) You are just a one parent among all in the school. If you become a member you will be serving and playing a responsible role for all other parents who are unable to give time to become a member. So, indirectly you as an individual equals to 100ds of other parents who may rely on you. 2) Your membership will benefit the society as a whole within the limits of the school to ensure that the private schools who are running a business can have a check to work on the expected norms of no loss no profit basis. 3) Your membership will ensure that even if you are not an ECPTA member, you can compel the body of ECPTA do its job responsibly in the interests of students, parents and teachers in the school. 4) You can become a means to spread the awareness about school affairs, rights of students and parents, 5) If all the parents of all the schools becomes our members, it will be easy for parents of every school to organize the parents if a common grievance or complaint to be filed to DFRC (District Fees Regulatory Committee) as the parents cannot make any such complaint unless there is a minimum of 25% of parents to make a common complaint out of total parents in the school.

  • Yash Academy?

    Yash Academy is a Social Responsibility Service wing of EFMS, an NGO with the intention to guide, train and assist the PTA members and Parents in every private unaided schools in Maharashtra. Yash Academy gives you an opportunity to organize at one place.

  • What is the tenure of Membership

    It is an annual membership with the subscription.

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