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The Yash Academy 

Since 2014, The Yash Academy, Nagpur has been at the forefront for providing quality coaching for CIVIL & STATE Services Examinations conducted by The UPSC and the MPSC. Since its inception, our goal has been to provide the most comprehensive and fluid learning experience so as to inculcate the requisite attitude in the ASPIRANTS. We, at the Yash Academy, always strive to provide very precise and accurate knowledge to the Aspirants which not only helps them to crack the Examinations in the very first go itself but also helps them in terms of concept building.


Our VISION has always been to achieve such standards which are at par with excellence and developing best institutional and intellectual platforms of civil service examinations aspirants. We have always been committed to make the journey of being a CIVIL SERVANT as enjoyable, fruitful and tranquil as possible. So, join us on this journey, for making your dreams come true & for not only seeing the light at very end of the tunnel but also reaching at the end and experiencing the light yourself.


Our Focus has always been to carve out a Genuine Aspirant from any one joining us and we keep on helping them in achieving their goals till the very end. On a managerial level, we ensure that our Faculty has the deepest insights, stays updated with changing patterns and that it delivers such a content which the examination actually requires. Considering the toll, which these examinations have on the human moral, we also motivate and keep the aspirants passionate about achieving theirs dreams.